The Story behind Yoga By Water

Water has been one of my lifelong teachers, starting with family canoe trips and continuing when I became a whitewater river guide.

When I started working longer trips, the extended time living outside gave me an opportunity to dive deeper into my practice. In 2013/2014 I also had the opportunity to live and study at the Kripalu Yoga Institute for a six month seva, expanding my practice and also studying reiki.

I have watched water’s transformative power first hand on myself, family, friends, and guests. Eventually, I started consciously speaking the river’s language in yoga terms, and that seemed to resonate with others. 

With help from everybody who kept asking for yoga and reiki on the river, I got this little idea and I started building on it: Yoga By Water. Yoga by Water is about the language of water as it relates to our bodies.

When we step outside the studio box into the wild, suddenly every tree, every rock, every patch of sand, every suitable place to sit and contemplate becomes part of a grand studio. And the water that we play in and travel through becomes a very powerful teacher.

Taking my practice outside has helped me return to being a student again. It has reminded me to return to the learner’s mind, to walk quietly and listen more closely. Everyday practicing outside, I am learning from earth’s contours of sand and soil; from the flow of the river through long quiet bits and thunderous wild bits; from the rain storms, windy days, and clear night skies. Most of all, I learn through others whose perspectives constantly remind me to be open to the river’s lessons.